Product Reviews from “The Whole Dog Journal”

We always look for value in the products we review (Product Review from The Whole Dog Journal). Convinced that the hands-free leash concept had something to offer, we focused on the criteria of cost, quality of materials, and construction, safety, comfort, and ease of use, as we tested four different models to see how they fared. The J.M.Rogers Company’s hand's free leash, the DogJogger, is a very serviceable hands-free belt and leash combination. It is exceptionally well constructed, with high-quality nylon webbing, sturdy plastic clasps on the belt portion, and a strong metal snap that attaches to the dog’s collar. We prefer the extra wide webbing on the DogJogger belt over the narrow straps of the other products we reviewd. It’s 2” width enables the belt to be worn resting comfortably on the hips rather than snug around the waist. We rate the DogJogger belt first in it’s class for cost ($20-35), quality (extremely high), safety (workable safety features), comfort (rests on hips rather than cinching at the waist, and Ease of Use (Extremely High). “

I appreciate the detachable leash feature…the leash snaps easily on and off the belt and can be held in the hand as a regular leash, when you want to.”

…”Mothers who walk babies and (well-behaved) dogs at the same time, appreciate the hands-free concept”.

…”If you have a dog that pulls…Few things irritate me more than having a dog constantly tugging on the leash!…so, when my 80-pound dog saw a “friend” and started to bolt, it was surprisingly easy to let my hips and lower back absorb the mild impact. He sensed the end of the leash and backed off to a comfortable pace…it took just a few repetitions of the “start-stop” routine for him to realize that if he wanted to get to the grass to relieve his bladder or see his “friend”, he had to stop pulling. I was amazed. I had tried the same routine earlier in the day with no improvement using a traditional leash of his pulling behavior. But the DogJogger leash worked wonders and now my Doggie Day Care business has a new “leash” on life!”

One definite advantage is the freedom granted to those of us who train with a clicker and treats. No longer do you have to juggle the leash, clicker and food rewards…you’ve got one hand for the treats and one for the clicker! The Leash takes care of itself.”

Need to scoop a pile of poop? No worries over trying to manage the DogJogger leash while doing the “plastic bag thing”.

One of my clients with a bad back and a big Rhodesian Ridgeback found the DogJogger hands-free leash much kinder to her back. When “Gator” (her dog) pulled on a traditional leash, it torqued her sideways. With the DogJogger hands-free leash, she could brace squarely and absorb the shock evenly and comfortably across her hips.”




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