Part #5:  What's the bottom line on insuring your dog?

First, it is a personal decision and depends a lot on your lifestyle, breed of dog, etc. So, no stigma, one way or the other.  This is just information.

Secondly, talking with many of our DogJogger customers (, the general consenses is that having pet insurance is more useful throughout your dog's early life…to cover items such as Xrays and blood work.  And, for those coverages, they send their vet bill into the insurance company no matter what…whether their dog just went in for a vaccination or fecal exam.  Many times, they say, they may be reimbursed for most of the bill, or just a $10 reimbursement with a note saying "that particular treatment is not covered in your plan."

If you have pet insurance and your dog develops an illness that isn't covered…there are countless groups that help pet owners with financial support.  Try this website for a pretty thorough list:   A lot of these groups only provide financial aid to animals that are considered to  have  a life-threatening emergency and they will need proof from a vet that they will die within 10 days of diagnosis if care is not provided.  

If you cannnot find an organization that is willing to help financiallly, then you can also apply for "CareCredit" ( which is a credit card that can ONLY be used for vet care.

As for "favorite"  pet insurance companies…most insurers prefer V.P.I.  ( They have good responses from their clients and seem to be very popular.


So, this is the last blog on pet insurance (at least for now).  

I'll be in the mountains all next week, but will be with you again on Diana's Blog ( when I return. 

See you then!

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