Part #4:  "What is a Pre-existing" condition?

Most pet insurance companies consider this an injury or an illness that was contracted, manifested, or incurred BEFORE the date of coverage.  This is ANOTHER reason to get them started as a puppy right after their first vet visit because they will review all vet records and try to claim that, "that harmless bout of diarrhea is actually a symptom of the disease you are trying to get coverage for and therefore, is a "pre-existing" condition, since it happened before you started coverage.

What is a "congenital disorder"?

Abnormalities of the body structure or function which are present at birth…and this is their tricky wording "whether present or not" that can cause disease or illness.

What is a "hereditary disorder"? 

Abnormalities which are transmitted from parent to offspring, whether apparent or not, that can cause illness or disease.


So, what is the bottom line…to cover or not to cover?…join me tomorrow when we get to the bottom of the pet insurance question!

I'll also provide several links which may help you with financial support and can, at least, answer your questions on insurance for your dog.  I'll also have a link for a credit card to be used for vet care (new) in case your cannot find an organization that is willing to help you.

And, finishing up with this series on Insurance, we'll have a couple of web sites for credited and approved pet insurance companies, according to people who have used them and some of their caveats and comments.

See you tomorrow!


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