Part #7:  Expose your dog to sounds of kids playing.

 Nothing can "unnerve" your dog like the sounds of kids playing.  Their laughter, squeals, shouts, etc. can have a disturbing reaction to/on your dog.  So, you will want to begin exposing your dog to MORE KIDS!  (Yes, I know it seems "counter-intuitive", but just like anything else in life, the more it's done, the less it bothers.  This is especially critical if your dog has never had any "baby/kid" experience, yet.

Take your dog to a popular playground but stay at a safe distance.  Have your dog sit and watch the kids and give him treats for a calm and good behavior.  The more that he sees that kids are not a threat, the less aggressive and reactive he will be.  NEVER LEAVE YOUR BABY ALONE WITH YOUR DOG.  Can't stress this enough!  Even the most well-behaved dogs are not equipped to be baby-sitters and have the occasional slip-up.


Tomorrow, we'll be in part #8: "There are "scents" and there are "SCENTS"


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