Part #6 in my series:  "Dogs and Babies, Preparing your Dog for a New Arrival"

Dogs are very sensitive to sounds; especially NEW sounds that come from a baby.

 Get a CD with baby noises on it and start playing it for your dog.  This will help them get use to the many sounds a baby makes, including crying at all volume levels, cooing, etc.

Give them treats as they listen to the new loud noises.  (Food is ALWAYS a good motivator!)

To make your "practice" baby even MORE realistic, you can put a speaker under the blanket in which your "practice" baby is wrapped and play the "noises" CD.  The noises will sound like they are actually coming from your "baby" and will go a long way to help calm your dog when your "real" baby is here.


Tomorrow, we will be talking about how to get your dog used to being around kids if they haven't had any "baby/kid" experience yet.  The noises and activities kids make and do, can lead to difficulties in your dog's behavior if you haven't gone through the acclamation before hand.  

See you then!


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