Part #5 in my series on "Dogs and Babies"..Preparing your Dog for a New Arrival.

"Dog's toys vs. Baby's toys…what's the difference to your Dog?

Remember when we talked about keeping your baby's  nursery "off limits" to your dog and to teach your dog to enter the room only at your command?…that was on June 20th, part #3.

This  ties into today's blog on how to teach your dog the difference between his toys and your baby's toys.  They are often the same size, have similar "looks", and you don't want your dog to "guard" your baby's toys, thinking that they are his.  Plus, if your dog is a "chewer", he may not understand the difference and you could have a $2,000 extraction surgery on your hands when he eats the baby's "Teddy Bear".  Trouble, for sure.

So, how do you teach him the difference?…The "LEAVE IT" command is something that EVERY dog should be taught ,especially in this situation.  It is also helpful to start scenting your dog's toys by either rubbing treats all over them or getting a pheasant or duck scent concentrate from your local pet supply store on online. (Yes, this does exist!)

This allows your dog to associate HIS toys with that yummy smell and leave your baby's toys alone…he is led by his nose.   (your baby's toys will not have that smell and will be not be as appealing to him).  Simple thing to do, good and safe results.

Join me tomorrow when we talk about "new sounds"..get him used to them NOW.

See you then!

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