Part #4 in my series "DOGS AND BABIES, Preparing your Dog for a New Arrival"

Start stroller training early, especially with very reactive dogs.  Start by getting your dog used to this new crazy machine on wheels by placing it in the MIDDLE of the room with treats all over it, so that it becomes less scary.

Then, put your "pretend" baby in the stroller and head out for a walk.  If you have a dog that pulls, make sure you do not attach him to the stroller.  Instead, buy a "hands-free leash" ( that goes around your waist for control and safety.

The reason to start "stroller training" early, is because you may find a lot of issues that need to be addressed. For example:  your dog may become overly protective of the new baby (your "pretend baby") and attack neighbors who want to stop to see the new addition.  Will your dog have fear issues around the stroller and being near it.  

note to all of my blog followers:  thank you so much for your comments and topic suggestions…I'll certainly do my research and include them in future blogs!

Next time…"what is the difference between baby's toy and your dog's toy?"

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