Part #3 in the series "Dogs and Babies…How to Prepare your Dog for a New Arrival

Dogs are pack animals…he would rather be in the same room as you are even though it's not a good idea for him to be in the nursery alone (or ANYWHERE ALONE) with your baby. 

Start keeping the baby's room off-limits to your dog.  Teach your dog to enter the nursery at your command and in a "down" position while he's in the nursery.

The best time to do this training is after the dog has had some "alone time" because they will start to associate going into the baby's room as a form of positive attention.  This could cause potential jealousy issues between your baby and your dog.  

While you are in the nursery with your "pretend" baby, pretend to nurse or change diapers with your dog, remaining in a down position.  Reward good behavior with treats.

Tomorrow, we'll be talking about "stroller" training!

See you then!



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