part #2 in the series:  "Dogs and Babies" (Preparing your Dog for a New Arrival)

One of my blog followers, Sharon Fudd, who recently welcomed a new arrival of her own, had a great suggestion to help prepare your dog for the new baby…she bought a book "Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant", by Dr. Lewis Kirkham,    Sharon says "It was really helpful and came with a CD of baby sounds.  Max (my "fur" child) took some time to get used to the sounds, but the book helped me on "how to do it".  Maybe that will help someone else."  Thanks, Sharon…great resource! 

Today's blog is all about familiarizing your dog with the physical sense of a baby.  Get a baby doll (infant) and dress it up complete with a real diaper and baby clothes.  Sprinkle some powder on the doll to ensure that your "baby" smells like a real baby.  Wrap the doll in a blanket just as you wold your real baby, and you've now got your first (#1) training tool!  

This pretend doll baby will give you an idea of how your dog will act and react toward your real baby and should address any potential problems you didn't foresee.

Tomorrow's blog, we will touch on the baby's nursery…and the potential jealousy issues between your baby and your dog.  See you then!

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