If your "pack" is growing, you've got 8 months or so to prepare your dog(s) for this exciting new arrival.  Dogs are very intuitive and have probably already sensed some changes.  Like…why does "mommy want to sleep so much and pukes (sorry) during our walks?"  Although your dog senses these changes, you will need to identify the potential issues that need to be addressed and start working with your dog as soon as possible.

Perhaps your dog has a jumping problem, or maybe your dog has not been exposed to any babies or young kids.  Maybe your dog has a chewing problem and considers anything on the floor, fair game!  Maybe your dog has a barking problem, or even worse…your dog is "over-protective" or suffers from aggression, or is sensitive to sudden unpredictable movements.  These are all things that need to be addressed with your dog over the next several months (ahead of the new arrival's arrival!).  Stay positive through all of the things on this list which are easily resolved with the right training methods.  

Over the next week or so, we'll be talking about some helpful tips to start now in order to prepare for your baby: 

1-using a "pretend" baby (doll) to get your dog used to baby powder smells, blankets, etc.

2-keeping baby's room (nursery) off limits to your dog

3-stroller training (getting your dog used to the stroller, the wheels and all) and practice "strolling" with your dog in tow

4-teaching your dog the difference between doggie toys and baby toys (same size and usually on the floor).  Using the "LEAVE IT" command is especially important.

5-getting your dog used to new "sounds" coming from a baby (cries, laughs, coos…all can be alarming to your dog at first).

6-exposing your dog to more kids of all ages (noises and quick moves when they are playing, etc.)

7-the new baby's arrival at home…what to do a day before and when the actual introduction is made

8-equal attention for the new baby and your "old news" dog.  They will want their usual share of attention and may experience jealousy.  Avoid this at all costs.

Talk to you tomorrow!…


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