Correct timing is essential when using positive reinforcement! 

The reward must occur immediately!…within seconds…or your dog may not associate it with the proper action.  For example, if you have your dog sit but reward him after he's stood back up, he'll think he's being rewarded for standing up.  

Using a clicker to mark the correct behavior can improve your timing and also help your dog understand the connection between the correct behavior and the treat.


Dog's do not understand sentences.  "Oscar, I want you to be a good girl and sit for me now" will likely earn you a blank stare. Keep command short and simple.  The most commonly use dog commands are:

1-Watch me



4-Down (which means "lie down")

5-Off (which means "get off of me" or "get off of the furniture")



8-Heal (which means "walk close to my side")

9-Leave it

More tomorrow…"Consistency is key" and" When to use positive reinforcement"



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