As the leaves come out, so do the summer clothes1  That's usually when we realize that winter hasn't been kind to our waistline.  Odds are…your dog is in the same boat.

Here are a few easy ways to see if your dog is overweight:

1-Have him stand up.  Does his body curve inward at the waist?

2-Run your hands over his sides from front to back legs.  Can you feel his ribs easily?

3-Look at him from the side.  Does his tumy curve upward as it gets closer to his tail?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, your dog probably packed on some extra weight over the winter.  Not to worry: the solutions are pretty simple.  Eat less, excercise more.

EAT LESS:  We tend to eat  more  over the winter months.  It's our nature.  It's also your dog's nature.  Now that summer is here, it's the perfect time to develop and stick to a regimented feeding schedule.

First, choose the right daily amount of food for your dog.  The feeding guidelines on his favorite meal will likely  recommend an appropriate amount for your dog's weight.  Your vet can also give you a recommendation.

Next, decide whether to feed your dog this amount once a day, or split up the recommended amount over two or three feedings.  These more frquent feedings may be a good idea for your friend, since older dogs need fewer calories than younger ones, due to their lower activity level and changes in body composition.  So, "err" on the side of more feedings for your puppy.  He'll "use up" the energy more quickly, and you'll be able to feed the recommended daily amount over several feeding times.

EXERCISE MORE:  It won't take any convincing to get your dog to excercise more..just get the leash (DogJogger Hands-Free Leash), and head out for a walk.  Walking an hour a day is a good guideline for both you and your puppy.  Of course, just like the feeding schedule, you can do this one  hour all at once, or broken up into shorter walks totalling an hour.  Do what works with your schedule and your puppy.

On the weekends, the two of you can head to the park with a ball.  It's a great way to spend more quality time with your puppy.  And, that extra excercise will go a long way in keeping your dog (and you) healthy for a long time.

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Talk to you tomorrow, when we'll be talking about Thunderstorms, and how to keep your dog/puppy calm!

Happy running!




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