Runners may assume that they can haul their dog along on a run, and the animal will just know what to do.  If that works for you, thank your lucky starts.  But, dogs an be confused, crazy, and even dangerous on a run if you cannot control them.  Here's how.

Use a Leash:  A gentle tug lets you guide your pup's body and attention where you want it.  Your pup needs to learn that it can't stop to pee every 5 yards. The DogJogger Hands-Free leash is great for balance, proper form (helps you run longer without the back pains),  and you get a better aerobic "pump" while being fully in control of your pup.  And, while your pup is "learning the ropes", so to speak, having him at the end of the adjustable leash (from 3' to 6') allows him to go to the end of the leash and stay their.

Play nice:  You want your puppy to be within 3 feet of you, preferably, until you really start running…then he'll need to go to the full 6 feet ahead.  You can adjust the DogJogger leash as you need from 3-6ft.  The Dual DogJogger has 2 leashes (both of whom can be adjusted individually to meet the "leash-length" you need for 2 dogs).  Many of our runners have 2 completely different sizes of dogs (small terrier and a lab, for example).  You can adjust the leash for each of them.  They should never run "nose to nose"…not good ettiquette and they'll not have a good time, since one of them will want to be the "alpha Puppy".

Be the Pack Leader:  Your puppy needs to understand that this isn't pure playtime…it's excercise time.  Begin training sessions with laps of a short route – to reinforce behavior in a familiar environment and avoid getting stranded with a puppy that's misbehaving.

Teach courtesy:  If you encounter strangers on a trail, pull off to the side to let them pass without interacting with your puppy. Remember, no one loves your pup as much as you do, so don't assume other want YOUR dog to greet them!

Pick it Up:   No one wants to step on poop during a run or a hike.  Have a plan and proper gear for disposal…always carry an extra plastic bag for particularly "generous" poops!  Throw it away in the proper disposal unit…do not leave it under a bush.  The DogJogger 2" belt (and the 1" lite belt) are perfect for tucking the "poop" bags under and through the belt.  




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