June is the beginning of the hotter months for you racers and your "pups".   And, while the weather is beginning to be too warm for much more than 3-5K runs, there are several coming up for June.

#1-June 3:  Tenefy, NJ Tnefly 5K Run and Dog Walk

#2-June 4:  Bakersfield, Ca. 5K Fun Run (www.haltrescue.org) 33

#3-June 9: Barrington, Illinois Dash for the Dogs

#4-June 9:  Minneapolis, Mn. 5K Dog Das

#5-June 10:  Los Angeles, Ca.  Triathlon Championship and Tri Express Series-Event 3 (http://www.trievents.com) 


 Watch for my new series beginning this Sunday…  

Getting started young!   (teaching your puppy how to run with you!)


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