Head for the Hills!

Hiking is one of the best (and most scenic ways) to burn some serious calories…a 150-person can burn up to 600 calories in 60 minutes of rigorous hiking.  Hiking is also great for your dog and helps improve your dog's endurance and flexibility.  It's important to know your dog's "warning signs" so you can  be sure to stop and rehydrate.  

Also, before you and "Oscar" hit the open road to find a hiking trail, make sure your designation allows dogs!  Most of the Appalachian Trail (on the East Coast) and the Pacific Trail (on the West Coast) requires your dog to be a leash the entire time, while some trails require a leash only on certain trails.  For a complete guide on all of the hiking trails in the US and how to locate one that allows dogs, check out the "American Hiking Society"'s web site.

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