Running work-outs

Before you begin your running workout routine with your pet, make sure that you have the right equipment (like harnesses, leashes (preferably hands-free leashes,, other accessries such as water bottles, and a pouch for your personal things (iPhone, lipstick, iPad, etc.).

Pick a time of day that is neither too hot, nor too dark.  Your dog will begin to "expect" the run and will be ready for it.  If you run at dusk or nighttime, make sure that you have reflective gear for not only yourself, but your dog.  Your dog runs out in front of you, so visibility is extremely important for your dog's safety!  For reflective gear for your dog, go to Wear good running shoes, take a watch to time yourself. 

 Pay special attention to your dog's energy levels.  For older dogs, start out with a brisk walk, and monitor the dog's tounge…if it is out and the breathing is labored…STOP!  Especially if the weather is warm.  Give your dog water out of your hand. (for qick-release water bottle holders, go to .) Once your dog's breathing is more normal, you can resume your walk.

For pups, they just want to have fun!…so, make it fun!...wiggle the leash ( hands-free leash, use the same words…i.e.  "ready to have fun"?…etc.  Your pup will start "keying" on these words and your tone.  Remember, even though your pup will show unlimited energy, there actually IS A LIMIT!   Start out with a brief walk, then progress to a jog, then back to a fast walk.  Monitor the energy level…don't overdue it.  They will be your "running partner" for life if you give them a good (AND FUN) experience!.  And, when the run is over, lots of praise and a good drink of water will help them remember to want to do it again!

Hiking work-outs tomorrow!…have fun


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