Part #1:  Insuring your Dog, Yes or No?

A loyal blog follower recently suggested "insurance for your dog" as a topic.  I really hadn't thought much about the "need", since I have always had very healthy, and long-living dogs.  But, the more research I did, the more I began to see the "other side".

So, the question is:  do you get pet insurance, start a savings account and set aside money each month, or just "cough it up" when your dog needs medical care.  I've listed several areas below (and over the next few days) which may help you decide which direction is best for you.  It is entirely an individual decision.

The Con's of Pet Insurance: 

1-There are insurance exclusions for every dog breed based on common "hereditary" conditions.  (This is similar to human being' "actuary tables").  Pet insurance companies do not make this list easy to find on their websites, so make sure that you review it before you choose your company.  Their list applies to mixed breeds as well.  And, with some breeds like the French Bulldog, for example, you might even be paying a higher premium.

Tomorrow through the week, we'll cover #2-3 on the "Cons", and will tackle "pre-existing condition…what is covered?", finally ending this series with the author's bottom line…"do I or don't I cover my dog".

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