Part #10:  "Dogs and Babies…Preparing your dog for a New Arrival"

Make arrangements for the care of your dog while you are at the hospital and shortly after as well.  Hire a "dog walker" (still plenty of high school/college kids looking for part time work during the summer)  to exercise your dog since you will not have time when you first bring the "new arrival" home or until you get yourself on a good schedule.

You should not give up walking your dog completely…he views this as a positive time with you…but, when you are feeling up to it, take your dog for a short "stroller walk" (see my Blog on 6/22 on "stroller training)  with the baby and have the "dog walker" take him for the "usual long walk" to get excess energy out. 

Remember, an exercised dog, is a happier dog!


We've come to the last blog in this series of Preparing your Dog for a New Arrival.  Thanks so much for your great comments on this subject.

Tomorrow, we'll be starting a new series…

Pet Health Insurance:  Is It a DO or a DON'T?…covering Pro's and Con's of Pet Insurance.

See you then!


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