Yummy smells (associating your dog with good smells for better control)

When you bring your baby home, have your dog leashed for more control.  Allow him to smell from a safe distance and give him some cut-up size hot dogs or chicken…something really yummy that they never get.

Your dog will really start to associate the baby with yummy thing.  DO NOT allow any pawing, jumping, growling, or barking…if ANY negative behavior occurs, take the dog away into the nearest bathroom for a "10-sec. time out".  Then take him out into the room for another try.

Continue to treat for good calm behavior and time out for any negative behaviors.  It's all about "pleasant associations" for your dog!


Join me Sunday, for part #10 in the "Dogs and Babies…Preparing your Dog for a new Arrival"…when we finish out this series with "Making arrangements for the "care and upkeep" of your dog while you're in the hospital." See you then…



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