Part #8: "Dogs and Babies…Preparing your Dog for a New Arrival"

Today's blog may seem a little strange…"scents"…but this topic was sent in by a loyal blog fan of / diana's blog.  Thank you Tracy Wiliamson from Flint, Michigan.  It was a fun topic to research.  Here it is.

A day or so before you bring your baby home from the hospital, take home a blanket the baby has been wrapped in (at the hospital).  And as gross as it sounds, swipe the blanket over the baby's CLEAN bottom a couple of times and then let your dog smell the blanket.  This will get your dog familiar with the baby's scent.  (Remember, your dog has a  keen sense of smell, and, that is how he "makes friends"

And, each time you present the blanket to your dog to smell, have him (your dog) sit and LAVISH WITH PRAISE AND TREATS as he is getting the scent.  Again, familiarizing your dog with 'EVERYTHING BABY' BEFORE he actually MEETS THE BABY, will go a long way in the "smooth and friendly relations" game.

Only 2 more blogs in this topic (Preparing your dog for a new arrival)…then, on to the next series.


Join me tomorrow as we talk about "more smells"…good smells".

See you then! 

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